The FLAMENCO Series is an ongoing photo-montage documentary that I began in 2003.
Flamenco is a vehicle by which dancers seek to give way to a trance of movement.
There is an intense emotional involvement between the dancer, forms of motion and music.
Flamenco dancers carry on an inspired dialogue of motion with the consciousness of other members of their troupe.
The ultimate crescendo is referred to as "duende".
There is a sense of time distortion in the experience of duende.
Duende is the ability to combine physical elegance and power into a haunting quality of heightened reality.
Flamenco is an elusive creation of art work that communicates a fully alive, spiritual expression of the dancer.
I work in photo-montage, combining several images into one,
as a means of capturing the dancer in trance,
and to develop a contemplative metaphor
of the dancer possessed by motion, inner feeling and surreal thought.

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     Virtu Studio, Inc.