The history of Mater Dolorosa (Our Lady of Seven Sorrows) dates to the early 13th century.
One of the seven greatest Latin Hymns of all times,
Stabat Mater Dolorosa  (At the Cross Her Station Keeping),
is a prayerful devotion based upon the biblical prophecy of
her experience of the crucifixion and the death of Christ.

The mirror image to this hymn is
Stabat Mater Speciosa (By the Crib Wherein Reposing),
a tender and joyful hymn based upon the biblical account of Christ's birth.

The Rosary of the Blessed Mother is the classic, contemplative and meditative prayer,
the rhythym and pace of which are derived from biblical source.
The Rosary numerous memories of her life recalled in recitation, the Annunciation  being one.

The Dreams of Mater Dolorosa series I have begun are based on imagined memories
of events in Her life as She
pondering them in her heart (Lk: 2.19).
Using photomontage I am exploring her interior life. How does she remember, through her dreams,
such events as Gabriel's apprearance to her,
seeing her Son fall to the ground while bearing the cross,
or experiencing the historical basis for the devotional rosary.

Ultimately, this series will consist of fourteen photomontage images; seven sorrows and seven joys.